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Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Use Video

Video content has greater Impact to catch your viewers attention and turn your visitors in to customers. Viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. This is one marketing tool you definitely should incorporate to maximize your exposure.

WHATS NU does an in-depth interview of your business in a natural form. Informative and funny all incorporated into a show style. Figuring out how to convert website visitors into customers requires not only strategy, but extensive testing. You can learn from others what worked for them, but your website audience is unique. Our photos and videos will capture what makes you unique and converts your viewers into customers.

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Whats Included
Professional Host
Professional Photographer/Videographer session
14 photos created by us and posted every other day to your social media accounts
Two (2) 30-60 second HD videos
Video/Photo Editing
Posted on your Instagram, Facebook. Twitter and or LinkedIn accounts
Posted on WhatsNu’s, Instagram, facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
Professional content writing for SEO Google rankings
Press Release posted on our Blog
Need social media content posted daily? We’re on it! Let’s talk.
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Get Started
Whats Included
YouTube account creation/setup
60-90 second HD video
Professional photographer/videographer session
The host of WhatsNu can be in your video
Video is shot in your place of business
SEO for Google rankings
Uploaded to your new YouTube channel
MP4 file for Social Media posting
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WhatsNu Tv Show
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Whats Included
60-120 second segment
Your segment will be hosted by Dawn
Reach up to 1 million households
Airs 7 days a week for 30 days
Show times are between 6pm-12am daily
SEO for Google rankings
Posted on WhatsNU’s, Instagram, facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
Press Release posted on our Blog
Copy of show in HD MP4 format
We encourage you to post on your social media
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