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Whats NU TV Show Bio
We’re ready to tell the world What’s NU about your business

Welcome To Whats NU… An innovative and informative 1/2 hour TV show helping you reach millions of customers. Whats NU TV show films an in-depth segment highlighting the uniqueness of your business in a natural form with humor, skits and optional interviews. Your reach will not only be on TV, Whats NU TV show also distributes your segment on social media, including YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for increased impact.

Every episode will feature a “Giving Back” segment discussing important topics to share with viewers. Come and join Whats NU TV and let us show millions of our viewers your business and give it the exposure it deserves. We look forward to working with you.

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63% of businesses have started using video content marketing

Out of those 82% of businesses feel video marketing is an important part of their strategy