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5150 Chocolate Company

Delray Beach, Florida April 9, 2019. Whats NU went “5150”( Crazy Code In Ca) at 5150 Chocolate Company In Delray Beach, Florida. You got to go taste there hand picked beans made into their unique and delicious chocolate. Some Organic. All good. It was a 5 year plan in the making. See the entire segment on YouTube.

5150 Chocolate Company

5150 brings the chocolate maker and chocolatier together again to rediscover what it truly takes to make great chocolate. This enables us to make a product that not only honors it’s country of origin, but the people in it as well. Farmers are partners. We have worked closely with our farmers to create an environment that provides a generous living wage in return for the finest quality cacao.

About Whats NU

Whats NU is an innovative and informative 1/2 hour TV show helping businesses reach millions of potential customers. Whats NU films an in-depth segment highlighting the uniqueness of businesses in a natural form with humor, skits and optional interviews.

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